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Day 24 - It Begins
The Now

The telecomm migration starts tomorrow. Along with the first billing cycle that the girl at work will be doing for Service. And my boss is out, as is The Dictator. Following that, we have more snow coming in for the weekend, and my weekends have been filled up for the rest of the month. Shoots up the idea of the folx coming out, but these things happen. Maybe I’ll be able to make a run out there in May. Probably should, as they may not hang around much longer.

Managed to make it past the bad ending spot in Persona 4. Couldn’t do it without a walkthrough. Figures - I need help with a game when it turns into a life simulator. Always make the wrong choices.

Have nominees for trade-ins for the PS3. No sense keeping games that just frustrate the hell outta me. What I’d trade them for, I don’t know. Too bad there’s a massive drought in RPGs these days.

The bone in my right hand still hurts. Probably permanently broken now. That’ll happen when I keep smashing it into wood. Certainly doesn’t feel right. Not that anything does, anymore.

Need to get over and have a tux fitted sometime this week. Probably can’t do it this weekend what with the weather coming in. Oh, well. Not like I have anything to do weeknights anyhow.

Not much now, I guess. We’ll see where things are at in 21 hours.


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