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The Last Documentary

or, Reject Without a Hobby

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Day 67 - The Incredible Failure of Me
The Now

Why does everyone want me around? I whine. I fail. I’m dumb. I lie. I’m a bad friend. I’m an insufficient worker. I give up. I can’t help.
I’ve broken 3 controllers in 9 months. That’s $180 wasted. I’m an idiot. I’m broken. No wonder no one wants me.
I can’t take any more. Although, there’s 2 levels to that. That’s ‘I can’t take anymore’ meaning you’ve decided to pull out and try and save yourself, and there’s ‘I can’t take anymore’ meaning your lungs are filled with water and there’s no hope of survival. I’m past the first. I’d be fortunate if the second was only a short time coming.
There is no happy ending here. There is no way back to salvation. There is nothing but the excruciating pain that is continuation. The series has run it’s course, the stories are moldy, the actors want out, no one is watching anymore. Let the final curtain fall.


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