The Now

The Last Documentary

or, Reject Without a Hobby

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Day 77 - At a loss for a title
The Now

I was ambushed tonight. And no one cares. No one even knows. Well, 2 do.
My hand is misshapen from broken bones. It looks like me more than I do.
This is all I get. I have failed on every front. Two turns left, and I already see the outcome. There is no way out.
I cannot persevere. I cannot continue. I have reached Omega. Omega Zed. OZ.
But there is no Wizard here, Dream or otherwise. Just a captain, and the remnants of my dead art. And a demon ripping me apart inside. Why would I want to continue with that? What sadist would want me to continue with that?
It’s not easy being a failure. It’s impossible to be a failure that people believe can succeed. The bar can never be crossed.
This game is over.

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It's not going to get better. There is no hope. This has been a decline for 35 years. Nothing is going to change for the better, only for the worse.
The fact that you would try to help a stranger says good things about you. But your energy is wasted on me. You should save it for someone who can be pulled back from the brink - I'm already past Dante's sign.

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