The Now

The Last Documentary

or, Reject Without a Hobby

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Day 92 - T -30: The End is Nigh
The Now
I cannot continue in this venue. I have made this clear. At least, as clear as a broken sod as I am able to do so. I know I’ll never be happy, but on this particular day, at this particular hour, in this particular location, I’m willing to accept tolerable. It’s been too long since I’ve seen the later, and far too long since I’ve seen the former.
A time frame has been set. Am I right in guessing the timeframe? I’m probably close. Maybe not - I am horrible at estimating. But I’ve put the information out there. And will continue to do so.

And now, The Esteemed Ninja has asked me to help repair his computer. Perhaps this time, when action and proper response is needed, I will not fail. Perhaps.


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